Get Away From The Lean Eden from the EP Adamitisma, coming out 04.29.2017 Video directed by Norman Coast Entertainement:

Recorded, mixed and mastered at SoundBlast Studios :

Special thanks to Le 106, for letting us shoot on their stage:

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Lyrics: Among all this powerful masters and gods I created and played with the Human race I bring them to life I bring them to ashes, as I wished For my greed, I’ve been banished. By my own kind, heavenly disaster Promethee shall be my name Played with fire, right now i have to pay (You have to pay) Body and soul ! Are you suffering? There’s only a place among monsters I created. How could I be…? How could I see…? How would I think I make it through ? Cupidity is humanising me ! There’s no place for me on this throne Among the monsters and Gods I’ll become a part of my abomination Felt from the divine sky A smell of rotting corpse comes to my nose I’m vomiting my own creation Now touch! Now taste! Now you feel like a mortal race kind. Mortal, you’ll know.